Our integrated marketing and business process is built upon years of experience in the field.

Our simple and effective process.

We are ready to help you at any stage of your initial coin offering or token sale.

Create Brand

The first step for any business is to create a strong brand identity. We pride ourselves on creating the most memorable brand identities for initial coin offering and token sale projects.


Setup Marcoms

Once you have a clear understanding of your brand, the next step is to set up your marketing communications. This includes your online channels and offline marketing materials.


Launch Channels

Creation is only the first step because now you need to launch and promote to the relevant online and offline channels. We can help you do this within budget, on time and with your KPIs in mind.


Optimize Results

Our dynamic team provides analysis, feedback and optimisation of your results as a part of the process. We can then make the necessary changes to further improve results and optimise your opportunities.


What are you waiting for ?