Simply launching an ICO is not enough; promoting it on the right channels and to the right audience is essential to achieve the funding goals. Guest posts and featured articles are some of the best solutions for ICO marketing. By offering unique stories and relevant content, you can build a narrative around your campaign that will support the long-term goals of your project. Apart from this, it will also enhance your SEO rankings.

Here’s a look at some of the best sites that allow guest postings and have a wide reach across different sectors.


This website has one of the most comprehensive ranges of curated content related to blockchain technology. There are special sections dedicated to “Blockchain Stories” and “Crypto stories” for readers. A site that provides high-quality content to more than 360K followers, Hackernoon is a popular publishing platform that is part of a network of Medium publications, called AMI.

This content syndication business site is a pleasure for readers, due to its association with Medium. Firstly, there is no third-party ecosystem, so pages load quickly. Also, there are no random scripts that will take a significant amount of space on your browser and no pop-ups that will appear when you close a page either.

You can simply submit your post to Hackernoon and it will give you free distribution. Hackernoon also has pages on Facebook and Twitter, with a follower base of 18K and 34.2K, respectively. The site shares the latest and trending tech stories on these social media pages.


This is social-network and blogging site that uses its own blockchain-based reward system to pay the content creators. There are “Steem Dollars” or “Steem Tokens,” which can be used for posting, commenting and discovering new content. The site actually runs on a “Proof-of-Brain” protocol that encourages people to post valuable and unique content for the benefit of readers.

Launched in 2016, Steemit has over 1 million active users today. Users can upvote comments or post them, to receive suitable compensation, in the form of tokens. So, basically, you will gain easy access to the cryptocurrency world, without the need to buy any tokens first. Instead, you get paid in tokens for posting useful content.

What’s more, the posts can be tagged across various categories. Currently, over 1.50 million monthly posts get submitted on the platform, with over 3.78 million monthly comments. This blockchain-based portal is one of the best solutions for any ICO marketing strategy. Steemit has pages on Twitter and Facebook as well, with a huge follower base of 105K and 27K, respectively.

The Next Web (TNW)

What is the point of creating awesome content if it doesn’t get featured on platforms like LinkedIn, Medium and TNW? When your content is published by these popular websites, you gain added visibility and credibility in the market.

Launched in 2006, TNW is one of the best sources of news regarding innovations and advanced technology developments. TNW is a future-proof tech media company and its site enjoys a huge reader base, from tech geeks to startup investors. The site regularly accepts contributions from external authors and content creators. Who knows, you might even get featured in their annual event, The Next Web Conference. TNW also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter, with a staggering follower base of 1,063K and 1.76M, respectively.

Before deciding on any website, look into the analytics of the site. See how much traffic they attract from members of the crypto community. Sometimes, sponsored guest posts in top-tier publications can work wonders, extending your reach significantly.

Consider the actual reach and the level of impact these posts will generate. Many a times, editors offer packages that include a series of posts and other things beyond it. Intelligent posts and well-researched link building tactics will be advantageous for your search engine optimisation strategy too. But, make sure that the website you are linking back to is on par with your high-quality content.